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A  V I E W  T O  C H A N G E

New editions, new renditions, still the haters stay the same,


New ideas, new careers, still the haters take their aim,


Cruel decisions, end new beginnings, to them its just a fucking game,


New found villains, mindless killings in this world of hurt & pain,


No hope of prosper how do we doctor the mindset of kids today?


Too scared to prosper as a doctor bothered what their friends might say,


Some forced to honour & dishonour so many different ways to pray,


A life of drama, threatened by karma, corrupted rules they must obey.


Some live in squalor just cus a dollar constantly evades their way,


Absent father, made it harder, to be punctual not late,


To be smarter, a fresh starter, divert off the path of fate,


A view to conquer, no need for armour just to be part of something great!


A new world order where our armour is just an arm around our waist,


The only weapons are our wishes to blow candles off our cake,


Where God and the Qur’an are just small topics to debate,


A view to change, live life to love, live life to learn and procreate.


Because I envision a World to live in where it’s people can feel proud,


Where our feelings don’t need concealing inside voices heard out loud,


The inhibition of ambition is only knowledge to be found,


For some life is an audition with a mission is to reach angels who look down.


But the World we live in, the citizens within it, are so obsessed with here and now,


Some see their future as no future consuming others in their cloud,


There is no provision or exorcism that can happy these sad clowns,


Would your God be willing, to share their feelings and take back those words they vowed?


At this phase in time, i can’t see a clear way out,


People live their life in mime, tryin to shut D’Evils out,


Why do we strive for perfection, just to be filled with doubt?


Why do we hide from affection, when that’s all that is allowed?


Is it wrong to have this dream? To influence people with sound,


To influence generations, below cloud and before ground,


One day good defeats evil, evil only remembered as a noun,


Love becomes the sequel, as one race peacefully bound.

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